The Partners

Iain Painter


Iain joined Caerwyn Jones in 1974. He qualified with the firm in 1981 and became a Partner in 1982. Since then, he has built up a large and diverse client portfolio ranging from sole traders to multi-million pound corporations.

Iain is particularly noted for his work with the agricultural sector, which forms a large part of his client base. He appreciates that members of the farming community have come to rely on him for advice on a wide range of financial and business issues, and he is proud to have earned their trust over the years. Iain enjoys working with the agricultural sector and is always pleased when, on making a house call, he is treated as one of the family.

Iain’s diverse portfolio includes many of CJ’s larger audit cases and FSA regulated businesses. In this capacity, he is required to maintain a working knowledge of the complex regulations that govern this specialist area of work.

Iain’s knowledge of complex taxation issues is extensive, and he is well respected by his clients and other professionals in this respect. Untroubled by professional rivalries, Iain has a good relationship with fellow accountants in the area, allowing an exchange of opinion which enhances the quality of service to his clients.

With his two sons now grown-up, Iain and his wife are able to travel and enjoy quality time with friends. Away from work, Iain’s interests include golf and squash.

Tony Barker


Tony qualified in 1982 and joined Caerwyn Jones in 1984. He was made a Partner one year later in 1985.

Tony has built up a considerable reputation for his work with new businesses and his specialist skills are in demand across the UK. His ability to provide an overview of a business, beyond that normally expected of an accountant, has helped many fledgling and existing companies extend their profit margins and improve their internal management systems. Tony is often invited to attend the Board Meetings of the larger corporations where his objective, impartial, but expert advice and guidance are greatly valued.

In addition to Corporate Business advice, strategic planning and tax planning services, Tony has a wide portfolio of clients from all business sectors and his experience advising sole proprietors, partnerships, limited companies and LLPs of all types and sizes is extensive.

Alongside his professional commitments, Tony is a keen sportsman who in his youth played semi-professional football. He was a first team county tennis player, who still plays in National Tennis Tournaments, and an accomplished cricket player and golfer. He also enjoys quality time with his two children who are also enthusiastic sports players.

David Blofield


David qualified in 1990 and joined the firm in 1992. He subsequently became a Partner in 1996.

Although David manages a diverse client portfolio, he is renowned for his work with local charities. Unlike normal trading companies, non-profit-making organisations often rely on fund-raising and public sector funding as their main sources of income. David understands this, as well as the need for charities to promote and maintain an image of financial integrity in accordance with government regulations.

As the firm’s audit partner, David is responsible for ensuring that Caerwyn Jones complies with audit regulations issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants. He also has a duty to keep colleagues up-to-date with legislative changes. Alongside this, his enthusiasm for technology ensures that Caerwyn Jones remains at the forefront of technological advancements. New and existing clients benefit from David’s business development expertise in order to manage their business more effectively.

David leads the firm’s Forensic Accounting Service. He is a member of the Expert Witness Institute and has acted as an expert witness in a wide range of cases, including both criminal and civil.

David’s free time revolves mainly around his family and sport. He is a keen cricketer and treasurer of the Shropshire Cricket Board, and he also plays golf and fives.

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